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Default Re: The Jordan hype train continues

Originally Posted by EricForman
because it's been proven, time and time again, that stats back then cannot be taken seriously. wilt got a big portino of his points tipping in his own teammate's shot attempts.

really, if those stats can be taken seriously, why are we even watching? whats the fun in watching a league in which the best player is maybe 60% as good as Wilt? I mean dude averaged 50 and 25. So how the hell can we be excited about someone dropping 35 and 15 today? Unless we dont take those Wilt stats, right?

Wilt's a loser anyways. Only the same 4, 5 posters who, either becuase they want to live a gimmick or becuase they hate Jordan, insist that the old guys were more dominant. Please. Unleash a prime KG and his explosive on that era and you dont think he grabs 25 boards and swat 10 shots ag ame?

Anyway, this thread will undoubtedly be filled by the same goons claiming that eveyrone who thinks Jordan is GOAT is just midnless and following the media, nevermind that the final minute of game 6 98 finals is clutcher than anything Wilt has ever f*cking done or the fact that Jordannever got outplayed by anyone the way Kareem has by opponents from time to time. Whatever man, it's becuase we're just following Nike and ESPN's marketing, right?

Kareem played against 37 of the best players ever. Of course he'll see some stiff and get outplayed here and there.

In contrast, Jordan only played against 14.

Now, who has the higher chance of getting outplayed?

The guy who played against 37 of the 50 best players in history,

or the guy who played against, lol, 14 in comparison?

Btw, don't discount the power of the media and how they create perception.

They specifically said, "second only to Michael Jordan", as if Wilt never, ever existed. Just because you think his records shouldn't stand, doesn't make it true.
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