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Default Re: Report: Devean George blocks Kidd trade!

Originally Posted by soog
First off, I hate this trade. I wouldn't trade Harris for Kidd straight up. When we don't win the championship this year or next, 3 years from now we will regret this. Then losing Diop is idiotic as well, especially after the two big man acquisitions made by phoenix and LA.

3 years from now you will be faced with Dirk/Howard/Terry/Damp at these ages; 32/30/33/35. Stackhouse will definitely be gone also (36). This means that if we dont win the championship in 3 years, odds of us winning after that are slim to none.

So if Harris hits his peak in 3 years it will be irrelevant because the prominent core on the team will be on the decline and past their prime. Sure Kidd will probably be gone, but who cares at that point.

So we can give it our all for the next 3 years with a hall-of-fame PG since we will have to start thinking about rebuilding in a few years anyway.

As far as Diop, he has been on the decline all season anyway. I dont see that as a big loss, but, even if Cuban wants to bring him back he will be a free agent at the end of the year anyway because Im sure NJ will let him expire.
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