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All In: Why the Utah Jazz felt now was the time to shake things up — and how they went about it

the question is why did they ever go back to Favors and trade for Rubio and resign Dante?

The Jazz traded a popular nine-year veteran forward, a two-year starting point guard, their top reserve off the bench along with a promising rookie to get a top-notch point guard. Then they ventured into the free-agent market to pick up a quartet of veteran players and added a couple of draft picks.

Allen wasn't that promising

The Jazz basically started over after the 2012-13 season when they let Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson leave for free agency without any compensation, beginning a rebuild around rising star Gordon Hayward. The following year they got even younger, letting starters Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson move on.

At the time it was considered Favors and Hayward's team. Neither were close to rising stars though. You forgot Demarre. Should have kept him and Millsap

After their success that year, the Jazz brought back most of their top players, at least tried to, as Hayward and Hill both left for free agency. Otherwise, all of the mainline players returned, including Gobert, Ingles, Johnson, Exum, Derrick Favors, Rodney Hood, Alec Burks, and Raul Neto. They also added a dynamic rookie in Mitchell, who after being an undistinguished 13th overall pick, became the team’s leading scorer and finished second in the rookie of the year voting.

didn't try to bring back Hill

Following a successful 2017-18 season when they knocked off Oklahoma CIty before losing to Houston in the Western Conference semifinals, the Jazz came back with the most intact roster in the NBA. The Jazz brought back 14 of 15 their players who finished the previous season with the only change being rookie Grayson Allen replacing Jonas Jerebko, who wasn’t re-signed.

bring back the same guys that got smoked!

At the trading deadline there were all kinds of rumors flying that the Jazz were going to trade Favors or try to acquire Conley from Memphis. But the deadline came and went with the Jazz standing pat — again.


The Jazz targeted several free agents, a prime one being Nikola Mirotic, but those plans fell through when he decided to go back to play in Europe.

dodged a bullet there!

The floodgates opened on July 15, when Utah signed Bogdanovic, outbidding Indiana, and followed with three more signings five days later as Green, Davis and Mudiay all inked contracts with the Jazz.

not sure they necessarily outbid for Bojan. He wanted to be here. Pacers might have given him that money or even more it sounds like

Perhaps that’s why they’ve had little success on the winning ledger in preseason games with four straight losses after an opening win over a team from Australia.

maybe because it was pre season. They best the Pelicans for 3 quarters before the Stars took over

This could be a make-or-break year for Exum, who has shown flashes during his five years in a Jazz uniform, but has never been able to put together a full uninjured season since his rookie season.

another make or break it year! Might be true this time? Have to pay O'Neale next summer and Oni is already better
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