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Default Re: Dre Needs To Stop Posting Up

In the article about us not getting Kyrie, the author stated that Cleveland would only make trades that allow them to still make the NBA Finals.

I think this trade still gets Cleveland to the Finals. Hell, I think whatever team LeBron is on, as long as he is in the East, he is getting to the Finals. Tobias and LeBron could be a fun combo playing together, as both as long and athletic with decent 3 point shots. Both can switch easily on defense with the 3/4 and sometimes 5 position.

I don't think Cleveland would care much for losing Channing Frye. And they would get a PG who is good.

I don't see Cleveland getting passed GSW without acquiring anyone short of DMC/Anthony Davis/KAT/Kawhi. None of that is happening.

EDIT: Link not working. It is a Reggie Jackson/Tobias Harris trade for Kyrie Irving/Frye. We'd have to throw in some draft picks, of course.

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