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Default Re: Dre Needs To Stop Posting Up

Interesting article. I somewhat agree. Two things.

1) It's easy to see in hindsight that the Josh Smith trade signing was bad for Detroit. But, at the time, it seemed excellent to EVERYBODY. We had 3 solid big men, 2 who were uber athletic, and one who was coveted for his passing skills. It just didn't work out. I would have liked to see us try to get some sort of trash for him, but SVG did what he had to do.

2) Drummond HAS to work on his post game. The main complaint about Dwight Howard which STILL HOUNDS HIM TO THIS DAY is that he never developed a go-to move. If Drummond wasn't trying to work on this stuff, we would be calling him lazy and not trying to improve.

Our focus cannot be building around Drummond anymore. He needs to be our third best player, but a middle nightmare. As the article stated, that means playing defense. He needs to learn how to play defense first and foremost. I could care less about anything else. JUST DEFENSE. For as athletic, long, and big as he is, he is horrible on defense.

So...Kyrie, Bradley, Tobias, and Drummond? That combination could possibly get another star and keep Bradley in Detroit. Now, we have that young core that could make some noise. (Tobias may have to go for a trade to Cleveland, though)
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