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Default Re: Karl Malone on Dan Patrick Show "Charles is the 3d Best PF, Duncan is a Center...

Originally Posted by SCdac
How many All-star caliber big men did Dirk face? lol ... LaMarcus Aldridge? Serge Ibaka? Chris Bosh?

All of those players are all-star caliber. Even Pau Gasol, who up until the playoffs was having a solid year.

Dirk won his championship when the best bigs of his era were all retiring or on their last legs... Duncan, Garnett, Shaq... think it's any coincidence?

Still beat the defending back to back Lakers, the up and coming Thunder, and the Big 3 on the Heat, the one player everyone was hyping to be the greatest player of all-time before the Finals in LeBron James.

And it's no coincidence what so ever. The Mavericks weren't supposed to win a title that year.
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