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Default Re: Dwight Howard 11 of 15 for 32 points, 21 rebounds, 4 blocks tonight

Originally Posted by Fatal9
Good for Dwight. Another massive game against a garbage frontline in a meaningless game. He is not to be taken seriously until he can do this against teams with respectable big men. He will not be facing the Pacers, Thunder, Grizzlies and what ever other bottomfeeders he puts 20/20 or 30/20 against, during the playoffs.

Look at his stats vs. the couple of above average defenders he has faced all season:
Toronto (ONeal) - 18/9
Houston (Yao) - 13/9
Bobcats (Okafor) - 4/7
Dallas (Dampier) - 18/13 (on 45% shooting)

And lets see his stats against crap teams:
Pacers - 32/21/4
Pacers - 24/14/5
Thunder - 30/19/10
Wizards - 31/16/3


How many times did Dwight have a 20-20 game in the playoffs last year?
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