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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by 6 for 24
Mr. Kenneth:

I admit to not follow your terminology very well, but it is clear you know much more about this great game than I do.

Here in Mozambique, we have a single court where we play our own version of basketball. Like your game, we have a pole. Although instead of using a hoop, we tie someone to the pole, usually a thief or an adulterer. And instead of hoisting a ball into the hoop, we throw stones at the person until they are dead. So someone who can throw repeatedly with no moral concerns is most desired in our game. Since the games are so similar, I imagine this is true of your basketball as well.

Warmest regards,

Ayotunde Ndiaye

I'm actually laughing out loud... You could be GOAT poster. I hope you don't get banned.
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