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Default Re: Top 25 Playoffs Series Scoring Averages Ever

Originally Posted by chazzy
He's listing playoff run averages without the amount of games played in each run.
It doesn't matter. The amount of games played in a series isn't controlled by the player ...

And the point of the game to advance is for a team to finish off the other team in the LEAST amount of games possible.

You're going full retard with this post, dude.

Originally Posted by chazzy
So you have some playoff "runs" of just one series and other that went to the finals.
The numbers listed here are from playoff series. Not playoff runs, IE 1st round to Finals.

You're coming across angry, looking for a point of contention to argue because Kobe isn't on the list. Let it go.

Take solace in the high scoring performances he had in the regular season.
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