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Default Re: You Europeans are all GAYS

Originally Posted by ABAZACKSHOOLA
What's the matter simas, you are afraid to admit that your country has a lil weak league, come on' we all know that all the european leagues are basicly based on the avrages of the American players playing in it and all the team's are using their native players to waive towells on the bench, and do you think I don't know how do you make the American players to come over to your louzy european leagues, you are offering players from the NBDL or a College graduators a contract that seems to them like alot of money because they have never play for money, before.

And you'll better check out and see that all of the latest famous and leading players in the Euroleague have played in Israel (and there ar many like these) and you know what I'll give you a few examples: Marcus Goree (of CSKA Mosscow), Rimas Kakunas (Siena), Horace Jenkins (Klememio Bolunga) and should I go on (I think you got the picture).

You think that Elton Brown is decide to stay in the NBDL just because you think that he won't get the same money in Israel, so think again, ass-hole, he got two offers in the 300,000 $ Dollars range but decided to ditch them because he rather keep playing in the United States than going to play in Europe and start a trip around the world, and in this league he could get an NBA stint contracts and that's his main goal.

And about your "dear" ACB, you better check out their players history (espacialy the American players of this league) and you'll find Quincy Lewis who is playing in Bilbao and a few other guys with a playing time over Israel in their past, in the Itallian Seria A this year they have a lot of players who played in Israel even last year.

Should I remind you how many players in the NBA have played in Israel: Roger Mason Jr. of the Washington Wizards have played in Jerusalem before he returned to the NBA, Anthony Parker of the Toronto Raptors that played in Maccabi Tel Aviv and was the best player in Europe (gee... You are weak, his avrages in the Israeli league were slightly lower than those he have done in Europe), Maceo Baston who also played in Maccabi Tel Aviv and currently plays in Toronto Raptors, and Ryan Bown of the New Orleans Hornets who played last year in Ironi Nahariya.

And if we are already speaking of money, you need to know that the wages in the Spainish top league is between 300,000 - 800,000 Dollars per a year according to this league's rules, while in Israel a young players are earning 30,000 $ and the most famous and notebale players (like the gay Nickola Vujicic) are earning 1,700,000 $ per a year (a contact which is usually in Russia), and in the NBDL the wage is between 12,000 and some earns 18,000 and the most notable players are earning 24,000 Dollars per a year.

The fact that this brown got offered the same money in israel and yet didn't go still reinforces more the lack of attraction the league offers.Simasu can defend himself no doubt,however,i'd like to point out Lietuvos 92 macabbi tel aviv 74.
Top scorer Jomantas(not average american but lithuanian)Top rebounder,Petravicius(again Lituanian I hasten to guess)So no towel waving from them.Maybe from macabbi yes as the two israeli stars halperin and Eliyahu scored a dizzying 4 points between them.. I don't know why you go on about money,no one is saying that the israeli league is poor financially,that doesn't mean its competitive or a good league.
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