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Default Re: Israeli Basketball

Originally Posted by ABAZACKSHOOLA
Shut the **** up you louzy European WIJA you suck ***** all night long, and then you shout: "Oh my ****ing lithunia, my ****ing lithunia, Simas Jasitis Sharas you gays come over here and **** me", you gay you louzy ******* you son of a ***** your mom is my main ***** and I'm her PIMP you gay hootcie that licks *****, you working as a slut over the hoods and have sex for money like those on Streetblowjobs you gay, and you mom is coming over to place tonight, so is it fine with you??!! YOU KNOW WHAT??!! I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I'LL **** YOUR MOM UNTILL SHE WILL GET OUT OF FUEL, *****!!!!
People who can't argue properly normally resort to this trash talk when they run out of excuses.
No one has insulted you,we just had a discussion in which we didn't agree,Berraco,simasu and myself put our points through and you had no answer other than to insult and throw your toys out of the pram.Anyway I read your news and it re-inforces my point if Elton Brown(never heard of him)is waived by a side like the lakers who aren't the deepest,chooses to play for the ndbl instead of israel it shows how poor it is.I bet he would have jumped at the chance to play for a mid table spanish team.Look at and check the highlights,great games all very competitive,as I am sure the israeli is ,whenever Maccabi Tel Aviv aren't involved.
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