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Default Re: Israeli Basketball

you asked people to answer your question. the answer is maccabi for everything. thats the only team in israel thats good.
you wanna talk about national teams?? how about the bad league of lithuania? WE are the number one country in european titles out of existing countries. in i believe about 20 years WE have done more than anyone basketball wise. why dont you follow the lithuanian league?? you dont care about it right? it has twice as much euroleague teams as israel. then it is twice as competitive because it is 2 teams fighting for the title, not 1 like in israel. how about the horrible league of germany? just about any country that participated in the euro tournament is better than israel. want proof?
the only countries that they are better is poland (SURPRISE!!) and Latvia who would kill them if they played. and portugal who God knows how they made it this far.
back to club talk. only 6 guys are from israel on maccabi. 3 of them are good. the only reason they won back to back euroleagues is because of Jasikevicius who is from a terrible league from a country called Lithuania, as you mentioned that league is bad.
as berraco said there is 1 israeli team in the euroleague. the countries with worse leagues have more or as many :

Lithuania 2 (Zalgiris Kaunas, Lietuvos Rytas)

Greece 3 (Panathanaikos, Olympiakos, Aris)

Spain 4 (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Tau Ceramica, Unicaja)

Italy 4 (Virtus Bologna, Montepaschi, Lottomatica Roma, Armani Jeans Milano)

Russia 1 (CSKA Moscow)

France 2 (Roanne, Le Mans)

Serbia 1 (Partizan)

Croatia 1 (Cibona)

Slovenia 1 (Olimpia)

Poland 1 (Prokom Trefl)

Germany 1 (Brose Basket)

Turkey 2 (Efes Pilsen, Ulker)

i think that should tell you that there are good leagues in europe. by this i could say there are 6 leagues with more competition because they have more teams in the euroleague. 6 other leagues are just as competitive because they have the same amount. i know that these 6 isnt true, but the way you think it should make sense then.
nobody is denying maccabi their rich and have good players. but is there really competition in israel?? do you honestly think anyone has a chance?? this is like one of the leagues with one team in the euroleague. its obvious who will win it. why make a big deal about it?? we all know its the teams in the euroleague that have the best chance to win their national leagues. do you have anymore questions? i think everyone can deny that israel is NOT the best in europe. no way. NO WAY.
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