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Default Re: Option 1:Wade + Bosh Option 2: Shaq

Originally Posted by Yao Ming's Foot
Your math is off everywhere. Your entire comment was simply wrong. Bosh and Wade are good for 40 pts a game. Shaq never averaged more than 30 in the regular season. What kind of conversation do you expect to have if you simply make up facts?

Bosh & Wade in their 1 playoff championship run together averaged:

36 ppg
13 rpg

Shaq in one of his playoff championship runs averaged alone:

31 ppg
15 rpg
Shot way more efficiently...

Obviously, stats is not the entire story... Shaq was simply more impactful/dominant on both ends than Wade/Bosh are today combined, did you ever see prime Shaq play? Thats the "facts i make up"...

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