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Default Re: Zion Williamson is gonna be a monster

Originally Posted by GoSpursGo1984
No handles or jumper this tells me you really know what you are talking about. Watch a video of him.

You clearly are blinded by HS highlights. Shame, go take a look at Julius Randle HS clips. He shot the 3, mid range, handled the ball from one end to the next and scored inside easily. Man amongst boys. Got to college and the nba? The range and his overall jumper was lost. Above average ball handler but his face up game is average at best. But in HS he looked like Jamal Mashburn.

Clearly your reading is a bit off. I didn't say he has no handles. He can handle the ball. I questioned his handles vs legitimate talent. Meaning someone that knows how to defend against him. Can he create his own offense enough? Valid question due to all the hype. So yeah "watch a video of him" in HS. A lot of kids beast in HS. Your logic just isn't sound because Ben Simmons could shoot in HS. Yet if someone question his jumper you'd chime in "watch a video of him".

In conclusion I stopped putting a great deal of stock into HS beasting. It's easier to assess talent at the college level vs HS. Because the talent level and coaching is dramatically better across the board. So things you got away with in HS you arent going to in college and in the pros. Special talents can but again too early for me to see special talent in HS feasting.
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