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Default Re: hakeem vs d. robinson

Originally Posted by G-train
Whatever dude.

All four are awesome, unstoppable scorers in different ways.
All four were great defenders (shaq not as much, but he was a great shot blocker/defensive rebounder).

All four are all time greats.

I doubt you have even seen them all in their prime, or 95% of ISH for that matter.

Think again buddy. I grew up watching Hakeem dominate. I watched him dominate Robinson, Ewing, and even give Shaq fits. I saw the absolute look of frustration on the faces of Robinson and Ewing, because THEY HAD NO ANSWER FOR HIM and they were mentally broken, especially Robinson

Robinson and Ewing were not on Hakeem's level, Hakeem was arguably the most complete center of alltime. He had unparalled defense, crazy footwork, a array of offensive moves that shook people right out of their shoes, and insane court vision and handles for a big man.

Shaq also played against all the great players of that era and Shaq has said many of times that Hakeem was the greatest big man he ever played against.....Shaq has got mad respect for Hakeem.

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