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Default Re: Can people stop comparing Wade to Kobe?

Originally Posted by Hamtaro CP3KDKG
Seriously im not a fan of either player but kobe is so much better than him dumb to compare them. Wade is 31 and barely look like top 20 player kobe at 31 was winning fmvps was easily top 3 at worst, rewriting the history for career losers like pau and bringing gold to one of the most prestigious franchises ever in sports.
yknow why? because kobe has fundamentals hes so so so skilled its amazing wade in the playoffs can only score from offball cuts or alleys or transition getting assisted on everything kobe was the best one on one scorer was a better passer and can lock u down. Wade defense always overrated b/c he blocks shots but the comparisons embarassing. Please stop with the comparisons its not close it was always kobe and always will be

Wade, at his peak (say 2006 or 2009) was playing the game significantly better than kobe ever has. That said, Kobe has had a much better career. And Kobe was not winning fmvps easily at 31. He wasn't the best player in the finals on at least one of those two rings (Gasol was clearly better in 2010, and probably in 2009 too).
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