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Default Re: 2010/2011 ISH Minors

Originally Posted by G-train
I'll sign up if we call it the ISH Alternate League or something, as many of the managers in the 'minors' are better than most of the premier league guys.

Then why did you apply for premiere if majority of the minor league members are better? Makes absolutely no sense

If you were so sure that your skills belonged in the main league, you should have posted screenshots of your profile to promote yourself and convince us. Sure you made a cool video that shows some effort, but you honestly told us very little about your actual fantasy ability. Just like when you are looking for a job, you never submit a resume that does not mention any of your unique specific skill sets which make you valuable to that particular company.

Also, you keep telling us that liloj won the league last year despite being inactive for majority of the time, that automatically tells me the other members failed to take advantage and make him pay for it - thats all there is to it.

With that said, I personally have no issues with a name change; for example if its "win to enter" you can call it ISH-WTE league or whatever.

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