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Default Re: The official jlauber and Wilt Chamberlain thread

Originally Posted by Psileas
Imagine 50 Jlaubers going at each other in the same thread.
System/board collapse?

It would be great. I wish we had a version of jlauber that was a Bill Russell expert, maybe Bill Simmons' dad if someone taught him how to use the internet. It would be great if we had one for every major player from past eras. Even for the 90's, we wouldn't have idiots claiming Griffin to be better than a guy like Shawn Kemp. We need a jlauber dedicated to Shawn Kemp, and protecting his legacy (actually, he probably has enough illegitimate legacies floating around out there).

What I'm trying to get at is that a lot of "homers" are really good for the board. They often have great opinions, although slightly biased, and they help balance the board. Although I'm sure we could do with less uneducated Heat homers, Laker homers, Knicks homers, Bulls homers, Clippers homers and Celtic homers.

I wish we had posters dedicated to the following guys:
-Jeff Hornacek
-Elden Campbell
-Nate Thurmond
-Bob Pettit
-Jo Jo White
-Sidney Moncrief
-Bobby Jones
and many more!
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