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Default Re: Kobe: Melo harder to defend than Lebron.

Originally Posted by White Mamba
Kobe only care about playoffs I think, It was hard for him in 2009 vs Denver.

If you heared the interview he didn't bring LBJ name up it was SAS. He said "for me Its Melo"

those regular season games you pointed don't say much because its not like they go against each other 48 minutes.

in 2009 Lakers were without MWP, Ariza was a bit injured in that series and Kobe guard Melo the whole series. that's why I think he said it, no disrespect to Lebron.

Sure, but my point is Kobe had factually MUCH more problems defending Lebron (including Durant) rather than Carmelo... speaking of Durant, playoffs & Kobe, take a look at what Durant did against Kobe in the playoffs... Lebron/Durant have been much more evil against Kobe... Carmelo has not done anything against Kobe infact, have no idea what Kobe is talking about...

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