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Originally Posted by Voratian
I think Pele is just another level higher than Maradona, I mean the man was just immensely talented. Maradona also is a bad ambassador for the sport, in sharp contrast to Pele.

I really don't take that off fied thing in comparing the two of them.
Pele is a football player was better than Maradona. He could do it all, pass, shoot with the right and left leg, headers, bycicle kicks, free kicks , everything you would want from a player.
Maradona was a genius. Perhaps the second best ever , Garrincha Cruyff, Best and others fight with him for that second place. But he was not as complete as Pele, he could not score with his right foot and could not score with his head. And his prime lasted few years, his drugs problems affected him early, while Pele dominated for at least 12 years (1958-1970).
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