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Originally Posted by Voratian
Maradona isn't as close to Pele as people think.

Pele was a much better player than Maradona.
Pele scored 1281 goals in 1375 games.
He won 83% the games he played , and remember that there are ties in football (soccer).
Just to keep things in perspective. Pele won 3 world cups. The first one in 1958, he was 17 years old. Maradona at 19 years old was not even selected for the Argentina NT. And he only won 1 world cup, never won the European Championship. While Pele won 2 SA Championships.
The brazilian league at Pele's time was the best in the world. Every single player of the brazilian team in 3 world cups theY won played in Brazil.
And you can't even bring that "it was easier to score back then thing", since the second leading scorer in Brasil that time only scored about 450 goals, Pepe was his name BTW. Some games Santos (Pele's team) played in Europe:
Barcelona 1 x 5 (3 Pele goals) Internazionale 1 x 7 (5 goals from Pele).
Pele is just as big as Jordan. IMO he is definetly more famous than Jordan worldwide. In Africa, they stop a freaking war to let Pele play a friendly there. Heck, Brazil is a country, became much more famous because of Pele.

He is just the King of football Pele!!

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