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Default Re: Who would you draft over Shaq?

Originally Posted by Duderonomy
Is there anybody you would take over him to start a team? Kareem or Jordan maybe.

No one in the History of the NBA

You can add Magic & Larry to that list too.

You draft players of potential.
MJ is only 6' 6".
Kareem lacks brute strength of Shaq & need Magic, Bird like floor leader.
Hakeem too.

Shaq was beast of nature. Blessed with Huge massive hands & strongest player to ever play in NBA. Even a lazy, bum Shaq will deliver atleast 3 NBA titles because 5 feet inside the paint. Shaq is absolutely UNSTOPPABLE.

Shaq can easily dominate because of his strength, brute force & huge hand size that controls the ball easily.

I see Shaq in the Draft. I'll pick him blindly over Top 5 GOATs.


Shaq "GUARANTEED" multiple titles. Others, I'm not too sure about.
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