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Default Re: 2012 Playoffs First Round: Clippers vs Grizzlies (Series: 1-1)

87-86 Clippers win to take a 2-1 series lead and maintain home court advantage.

Was a great finish by the Clippers, and while they missed free throws, you have to look at who was shooting them before you say they were choking. Bledsoe was 63.6% on the season and Evans is worse than Ben Wallace, so they can't really choke at the line, just shoot how well, or horrible, they usually do. The choking aspect was on Vinny. Mo Williams inbounding with a power forward on him, instead of Nick Young or even Caron Butler. Bledsoe in instead of Mo, when Mo would've knocked those free throws with ease.

I loved how aggressive the Clippers were being, namely Reggie, Kenyon, Foye and Bledsoe despite the officials giving Memphis everything for the first three and the Clippers nothing when both teams were being pretty damn equally physical. Take away the last 8 free throws due to intentional fouls and the Clippers shot 22 free throws to the Grizzlies 39! Don't care if they were 12-22 at that point or 13-30 to end the night, it didn't excuse the inconsistent officiating. I mean, 5 fouls on Martin in 20 minutes, missing the and-1 for Blake when Z-Bo clearly fouled him on that alley-oop, the clean block by Foy3.

Chris Paul again showing his heart, dude really is a winner and thats what the Clippers have been lacking since Cassell back in 06. His basketball IQ is also beyond any player the Clips have had in recent days and think he'd make a great coach one day, is already better than Vinny afterall. I'd be happy if the Clippers would fire Vinny and his staff, bring in Cassell, Mobley, Kim Hughes and Paul Silas next year. Hell, let Billups coach, 13-2 with him on the bench in a suit.

Butler showed a lot of heart, as did Bledsoe, Sushi and Mo as they were all playing hurt out there, though none more than Butler with a fracture in his hand. Just glad it wasn't his shooting hand, but it still affected him as he went 2-7 and had some uncharacteristic turnovers. Mo was 2-4 from three and 2 blocks, just awesome for him to go with Foy3 hitting 4-5 from long range. Blake also started playing good D near the end, even altering shots himself, which was just as huge.

Clippers still aren't in the clear, however. They have a long ways to go in order to improve their defense. Quite a few missed rotations and easy offensive rebounds for Memphis early on in this game. 17 turnovers is also vastly too many and they need to cut that down for the remainder of the series. Being more patient after offensive rebounds along with crispier passes will greatly help in that regard.

Go Clippers!
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