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Default Re: 2012 Playoffs First Round: Clippers vs Grizzlies (Series: 1-1)

Clippers lose Game 2 105-98 and the series is tied at 1 now. Turnovers killed the Clippers along with giving up so many offensive rebounds and points in the paint. Memphis got some home cooking in Game 2, which is expected and I just hope the Clippers get the same type of treatment in Game 3. Clippers did what they needed, stole home court, now just need to win out at home and everything will be the way it should.

More injuries tonight with Bledsoe, Young and Mo Gotti. Hope they are all fine as Clippers need all three of those guys in the game with Butler and Billups already injured. Simmons did a decent job of stepping up in Butler's absence. Martin wasn't allowed to play his physical brand of D, Evans was invisible, Foye can't hit a shot. Young was solid yet again, should have had a 4 point play in the end as well, but the game was nearing the end. Paul played awesome minus his uncharacteristic DJ was so/so on D, but stupid turnovers. Blake kept getting abused when it came to boxing out.

Clippers had 15 assists and 20 turnovers...were -9 on the boards and gave up 16 on the offensive end. Shot 56.7%, so if they can just control the turnovers teamed with home cooking for themselves, they should be able to retain home court.

Props to Memphis for coming back instead of folding.
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