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Default Re: How good will Iman Shumpert be?

Originally Posted by Smoke117
As good as you Knicks fans believe? He should get rid of that early 90s ****ing haircut that's for sure. Looks like a ****in bitch.

All these guards are so overrated. Bradley, Shumpert, Tony Allen. NOT ONE OF THESE MOTHER ****ING ****** is a great team/help defender. They are all known for their one on on defense. Scottie Pippen was such a stud because of how he disrupted the ENTIRE OFFENSE OF AN OPPOSING TEAM...not how he shut some ****ing ONE FOOL DOWN. The perimeter defenders these days are a joke. Only Paul James and Lebron James actually effect the game overall as a team level. Learn your baskeball or shut the **** up.
Paul James and Lebron James. The heralded perimeter defending twins of the NBA.

The amount of ignorance on this board that I read everyday is astounding.
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