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Default Re: Lebron is absolutely scared of Durant

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
WTF? passive aggressive much?
things like this why bran stans are reaching kobe stans idiocy. To act like durant isn't shifting momentum and has become a legit threat for that #1 spot is ridiculous.

Passive aggressiveness is for fgts

When you say passive aggressive, are you referring to my nuanced position?

Besides, you can't even spit out your opinion without huge safety margins e.g has become a legitimate threat . You know full well how futile it is to bring up torch-passing until Lebron has shown signs of decline. He's paid his dues & that's why analysts of all stripes unflinchingly refer to him as the best basketball player on earth right now (or something to that effect). KD is in the process of joining him up there. That's where were at right now.

You should maybe get a better grasp on the term passive agressive?
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