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A few points to take into consideration:

- Nash's team had changed a lot (if i recall correctly) and they were missing their key post player for an entire season
- Tim Duncan and Shaq had less than stellar years
- LeBron's team wasn't good enough and I don't think people are ready to give it to him yet. Let him earn his stripes so to speak I guess.
- Kobe's team did not start to flourish until the latter part of the year. Hard to give an MVP for 1/5th of the season.
- Dirk is the only legit candidate that got snubbed, in my opinion. But even then his team had more depth than the Suns. Maybe not enough to where you can say Nash is far and above the better MVP...

It's not like the league had MJ, Bird and Magic all playing and they gave it to Nash instead. Nash is benefitting from 1) timing and lack of serious competition for MVP considerations 2) a couple awesome seasons.
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