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Originally Posted by DieHardBullsFan
Dirk had a storng year but they also had terry, stackhouse, howard, and daniels they were the deepest team in the NBA, nash took a team that was going to suck without those guys....

Hello????? Nash lost 50ppg from Q, Amare, and Joe Johnson last year and they still got to the WCF.....MVP deserving...If you ask me!
First off, learn how to write. If you are older than 14 I feel sorry for you. Second, like i said, all of those guys you mentioned other than jet missed the roughly the same amount of time kurt thomas did. Guys you lose to Fa/trade dont count anyway. If so then dirk should have won the mvp the year before because he lost nash. That doesnt matter though because its not about who you dont have its about who you do have and the suns STILL had marion, Bell, Barbosa, Kurt thomas, and diaw.
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