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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
Yea. I mean...its SOOO damn easy to play how a point is supposed to play. I mean....EVERYBODY is averaging 11 assists per game. And giving passes reminiscent of Magic's days. And scoring over 50% from 3pt and FG. Yea. He's supposed to do that.

We can sit and argue about arguing over who's career was not made better with Nash and all that hoop-la all we want.

1. 11 assists a game doesn't impress me when I grew up watching one of the two best PG's of all time average 10 each year for 10 years, 8 of which he averaged over 12 apg, 5 over 13 apg, and 2 over 14 apg. One year at 14.5 (NBA Record). In the 14.5 apg season, he also averaged 17 ppg (completely overshadowing Nash's not-even-close-15.5 ppg/11.5apg.) and never was in an MVP race. Obviously, he had the Jordans, etc., in the game, and never would have won one even if considered, but I'm saying the league has forgotten that what Nash is doing is A POINT GUARDS JOB. You're SUPPOSED to average 10 apg, that makes you a damn good PG. Not an MVP, though.

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