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Originally Posted by poido123
Except Stern isnt running the show anymore. You guys will get better next year, but I dont see it this year.

... and what ... what do you mean "Stern isn't running the show anymore" ? Did I miss something? I he no longer league commissioner?

* a quick interesting fact that I just discovered on wiki looking up info on Stern; he's a member of the highly controversial group Council on Foreign Relations. I found this LOL worthy, and honestly, not entirely surprising. I think some folks just don't realize just how influential and powerful the NBA is on much of the world's youth; and is only gaining ground in this regard.

Isn't it predicted that at some point in the distant future, basketball will surpass soccer/football as the world's most popular sport? We all know it's booming in China and South America. It'll take much more work in Europe and even Latin America to catch up to soccer, but it's not out of the realm of possibility, is it?

IMO, basketball just seems more like a natural fit to be the world's one true "universal sport" ... it's the perfect sport. True basketball nuts stand up and agree!

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