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Originally Posted by poido123
Except Stern isnt running the show anymore. You guys will get better next year, but I dont see it this year.

So if not this year, which year? Next year, the year thereafter? Do you think we'll land Wiggins? Do you think the lottery system is legit? These are some vital questions (especially the latter one) that will either make or break our franchise. Honestly, I feel if we tanked the season, finished 10-72, and next worst record in the league is say Sacramento, 20-62 - with ___% chance of getting the # 1 pick - I just don't see us getting that pick.

I don't think a system like the NFL is the answer either - because you literally would have teams "tanking" seasons in order to acquire very high draft picks. No other league does a single player have as much of an impact in the league as the NBA. There'd virtually be a playoff season at the end of the regular season to see who can lose the most games once their mathematically eliminated from post season contention.

I'm probably just being paranoid with my conspiracy theory on the lottery system not being legit - but am I alone in thinking? Do some, any of you all, feel/believe the NBA's lottery system isn't a fair and just system? I know I can't be entirely alone on this. Am I?

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