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Originally Posted by poido123
Sorry to lurk your team board like this, but it isn't so bad. If you guys suck again this year, you will likely land a far bigger impact player who will turn your club around next year. Not even Jordan can fcuk up picking Wiggins at #1

I'm just not entirely sold on the NBA lottery system truly being a lottery. I can't see David Stern allowing an impact player the caliber of Wiggins going to Charlotte; meaning we're not getting a # 1 pick. It's amazing we have never had a # 1 pick so far. Wasn't Morrison our highest pick ever, at # 3? We've made the playoffs once, and more often than not we're among the league's worst of the worst. Yet, no # 1 pick, ever. How often does Sacramento get the # 1 pick either, even though they've had dozens of horrific seasons.
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