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Default Re: I didn't realize how racist Stephen A is until i saw his latest target

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Basically. He's George Jefferson put in a time machine and dropped on a sports talk show.

Don't be fooled by SAS' act. In private, I'd be willing to bet that he is more than 'buddy-buddy' with the powerful white males who sign his paychecks. I'd also say that his private views on social matters are probably more conservative than progressive.

The militancy is all an act to get more attention. Obviously, it works.

Oh yeah, you know damn well he kisses ass to the white guys who sign his checks. I guarantee all that fake militant crap goes right out the window when he's around the superiors. How can anyone with any basketball knowledge take SAS seriously? I've heard him speak a few times and its painfully obvious that he's full of shit.
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