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Default Re: howard says kobe shooting a lot pissed him off

Originally Posted by ZeN
Thanks for that. I did forget that he didnt even play. I was having trouble recalling the details..

But it proves the point that resting or looking at the big picture has always been primary for Kobe. Despite any other issues he has like shot selection and overzealousness at the end of games.

He was more than capable of stealing that scoring title from KD.

Exactly. Especially against the Kings. He could have easily gotten the 40 or so points he needed to win it but he's already been there and done that. He doesn't have to prove his ability by winning a scoring title.

It's always about winning with Kobe. Don't know why people think that he cares about a scoring title especially at his age. When he was in his early 20s the idea of a scoring title was intriguing to him. But not now.
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