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Default Re: Lebron this season: Most entertaining edition yet?

Originally Posted by Leftimage
Enjoy this 14-minute compilation of Lebron's finest offerings over the past 20 or so games. The volume of sensational plays he's provided in such a short time span is just incredible.

We can debate whether or not Lebron is past his ''prime-peak'', but I think many level-headed posters on here will agree: this is the most entertaining edition of Lebron we have ever seen. He may not be as athletic as he once was, but his added finesse & coordination sometimes makes it seem as such. Feels to me like he's more ''watchable'' than ever before. (which is saying something given his play over 10 seasons)

And has there been a more VERSATILE player in NBA history? So many styles all rolled into one. So many moves.

amazing video thank you op
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