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Default Re: Russell Wilson for ROY?

Originally Posted by Carbine
I'll say this about Russell Wilson.

He is playing as good or better in a very similar role as Tom Brady in 2003 and 2004 and is far ahead of 2001 Brady.

Give the man his credit. Yes, he's playing behind a great defense and good coaching... but that's no different than a lot of "winning" quarterbacks.

I don't think he gets the credit because he isn't the brand name like Luck or RG3 but he's playing the best out of the three imo(I think luck will end up the best of the bunch though) What hasn't Wilson done that RG3 hasn't? Shannan has implemented a system for RG3 to succeed just like Wilson and I think Wilson has played better. Seattle has the better team but they have been by far more dominant than Washington this season.

Going back to Wilson he's pretty damn good. His ability to avoid the pass rush is great, he has a live arm, athletic and he doesn't turn the ball over. He's practically a veteran QB out there and as crazy as it sounds he kinda looks like Joe Montana out there.. He's far more deserving than the other guys but I can see RG3 getting it as he's the more popular player.
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