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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
Yea. I mean...its SOOO damn easy to play how a point is supposed to play. I mean....EVERYBODY is averaging 11 assists per game. And giving passes reminiscent of Magic's days. And scoring over 50% from 3pt and FG. Yea. He's supposed to do that.

Kid. Guy. Whatever the eff you are. You seriously need to start appraoching things with intelligence. Because I'm starting to doubt you even have a brain. Do you bother to read what you post before ou post it?

Anyway. Its never going to change. Some people are going to support Nash and his MVP's. Others will not. That will never change. We can sit and argue about arguing over who's career was not made better with Nash and all that hoop-la all we want. You still have the doubters. Like someone said before, Nash won't be appreciated until he is gone from the game and the NBA represents the days when ball movement and crisp passes and "fun" basketball was a thing of the 80s.

Oh, I'll answer that.

Answer: Not really.

Sorry about that.
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