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Default Re: The best player in 2009 Nba Draft

Originally Posted by macmac
The year that Brand came out that whole Duke starting lineup got drafted in the first round, all of them busts. Brand did okay but still somewhat of a disappointment for a first overall pick.

Did ok? The guy is earning over hundreds of millions of dollars for himself. He's doing more than ok. Anyone making multiple All-Star appearances is deserving more praise than that.

Disappointing first overall pick. What player that year rounded out a better career than Elton Brand? Remind you that he has over 12,000 career points, 6,500 rebounds, 1,300 blocks and a career 50% shooter and 74% shooter from the line. That's a fantastic career.

In 2002, Jay Williams and Mike Dunleavy both from duke got picked two and three after international phenom Yao Ming. They got picked over the likes of Caron Butler, Amare, Prince...and boozer who got drafted in the second round. I dont see how this helps your point. Williams completely flopped. Dunleavy sucks for a second overall. And boozer proves my point of how messed up Duke's system is for gaging NBA talent.

That is an unfair assessment of Jay Williams. What happened to him was a tragic accident and to say he "flopped" is completely unwarranted.

If you want to do this, I can do this for the 2005 draft class that took Marvin Williams over Chris Paul and Deron Williams, Raymond Felton, Rashad McCants and Sean May over Danny Granger, David Lee, and Nate Robinson. In 2007, Brandon Wright was taken over Joakim Noah, Spencer Hawes, and Rudy Fernandez.

I guess UNC has the same problem as Duke.

Well, what about going back?

In 1998, Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter went over Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki. In 1994, Eric Montross went over Jalen Rose, Eddie Jones, and Aaron McKie. And there's probably more if I went through it.

Draft position has nothing to do with this argument. Nothing. It has to do with the players cause Duke doesn't determine where their students go in the draft. They can help with how much they succeed and more than enough suggest that they're capable of doing well in the NBA.

See the thing is, you're missing MY point. I know the NBA is goddamn hard to get into. You're not opening my eyes towards the world of elite professional athletes. But Duke which has a pretty solid NCAA program is notorious and has a track record for producing players that get drafted higher than they should be. Which brings me back to my initial argument, Henderson has no business being in the top of this draft class. That is all.

I'm not missing your point, it's just irrelevant. "Notorious?" That's ridiculous. "Notorious?" Duke has no say in where their kids go in the draft. That's the team's fault, not theirs. Just because some GM takes them higher than where they should be is not the fault of the school, it's the fault of the club.

I'm mean seriously, you blame Duke? Really? Do they tell teams to take their players in the lotto? Do they? How is that their fault? Really?

Teams don't draft based on where they came from. It should be the most minimalist of deciding factors. They draft on talent they see and if they can fit in. If you're shunning everyone from Duke, you're just being ignorant and discriminatory. I've seen plenty of Gerald Henderson to suggest he would be a solid to good NBA player. That's all I've been arguing for this entire time. He's a fine player, just cause he went to Duke should not be a hindrance.

Honestly, there is no school that consistently pumps out star after star. Even UNC and UConn has their busts year after year. UNC's latest bunch of lottery picks has not produced a single star yet. Ty Lawson is projected lottery, is he going to get your similar objections? As for UConn, Josh Boone, Marcus Williams have done no more than Shelden Williams and JJ Redick. Sean May and McCants barely did anything more than those two too.

It's just damn hard to get into the NBA.

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