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Default Re: 2017 NBA Playoffs WCF GT: (1) Golden State Warriors vs (2) San Antonio Spurs

Not sure how titanic it would be compared to past years given Tony Parker's injurious sidelining this year and the fact that the Warriors are brimming with more star talent than ever, but I'm glad that it's finally materialized under the Steve Kerr era.

Those who are trepidated by Mike Brown's coaching are overlooking the fact that Steve Kerr is compensating for one of his biggest deficiencies: inculcating a half-court offense—something that Steve Kerr has already done for years and something I'm sure his players will be retentive of. Aside from that, Mike Brown really isn't that incompetent of a coach outside of ego-massaging.

Moreover, just because Kerr isn't walking within the coaching box doesn't mean that he's impactless; he's still playing an advisory role—constantly conferring with Mike Brown about the game plans—so his fingerprints are still all over it.

Prediction: Warriors in 7. The NBA Finals have once again been effectively preponed to the Western Conference Finals between these-two teams.
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