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Default Basically at the end of the semester is the last time I'm going to see my crush,.....

Should I just lay it all out there to her

I met this girl couple weeks ago, heard from her friend that she thought i was really cute. only chilled with one time really. She told me that she only busy and never goes cuz of school and two jobs. I asked her out last week, she said she could that day cuz she had to work and babysit(if she was interested she would at least reschedule). I never really get to see her at school cuz we have different classes. We both have this class meeting we go to. The last one is in like 2 weeks, should I go up to her at the end of the meeting and just lay it all out there and tell her my feelings cuz I'm never going to see her again.

I was going to basically say something like this:
"I really like u, the first day I saw u I really couldn't take my eyes off u cuz ur so cute and adorable. There where day I couldn't eat, sleep, focus cuz the whole time I was thinking of u. I don't know if u feel the same way but I just want to get this off my Chest with no regrets"

Something like that but with better wording and more thought to it. I mean don't mind get rejected cuz after this semester I'm not going to see her again


Last time I'm going to see my crush
Planing on tell her my true feelings
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