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I'm closing in on 32 years old in a couple of weeks. At 6'3'' with a 6'3'' wingspan, I couldn't afford to lose many inches off my vert when it comes to dunking. But it's happening.

As mentioned on the previous page, I'm still getting in-game opportunities where I finish above the rim with teammates saying "Shoulda dunked that!" In hindsight I'm not sure if I'm high enough for those plays to be certainties.

I think I had two in-game dunks in 2015, that I remember anyway. They happened within a short span of time and were both very clean certainties. Then I hit the road for over a month and got away from the game. Haven't dunked in a game since, though winter can oftentimes be dormant when it comes to game availability.

It's also interesting how my body kind of just doesn't feel like trying to dunk during warm-ups or practice or whatever. In all seriousness, I can still get up pretty well but whereas in my 20's someone telling me to dunk would make me say, "Aight, I'll give it a go", now it's totally a thing where it's like, "Aw man, do I have to?"

The weird inner disincentive to dunk makes me think I can't. But then when I actually get around to giving it a go, I'm up way higher than I figured I would be. I think my mind/body is playing tricks on me. Classic 30-year-old stuff.
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