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Default Re: Lebron " Follow my lead," and his team followed and disappeared

Originally Posted by Marchesk
The number of possessions Miami had. Lebron wasn't bad. It was fairly good performance. He was the best Heat by far. But they were getting destroyed the last three games, and some of us were wasting for 40+ point Lebron to show up. I was for sure that was the case after the first quarter of game 5.

It maybe be that he just physically couldn't put forth that kind of effort in this series. In that case, I wonder if it would have been better for Spo to rest him more. What good is it for Lebron to go into super passive mode for half the game? The only thing is that Spo couldn't afford to keep him on the bench until he was ready to go all out either.

The bottom line is this, though. Lebron gets periodically compared to MJ, and he's being considered top 5-7 all-time as it is. So the expectations are that if the rest of his team isn't up to it, then it's time to go into full MJ mode. Forget playing in the flow and FG%. But he only did that a quarter of each game.

If this were MJ in his prime, we all know what to expect in that very situation. Now it probably wouldn't be enough to overcome SA without help, but come on. Don't pretend that Lebron scoring 45 wouldn't have made a difference (at least kept them in striking distance).

That's even less shots for his help. How many times did he hold the ball, dribble, find he couldn't get around whomever was guarding him and pass to his "help" with 2-5 seconds left on the shot clock? You Lefraud stans just keep thinking he has no help- he causes the problem, always has.
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