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Default Re: 3 Point Shooting

Originally Posted by Levity
once you learn to control your body with decent elevation on a jump shot, youll be stroking them over any defender.

for so many years, my jumpshot felt awkward due to not really jumping because of fear i would throw off my shot. but after watching a lot of basketball and working in the elevation to my own shot, the confidence and accuracy is there.

nothing feels better than elevating over a defender for an easy 3. and when i say elevating, i dont mean you need to jump out of the gym. but just have enough lift with body control to separate you and your defender.

THIS. When i really elevate on my shot and don't just push it with my arms, it's buttery. just let your arms be an extension of your jump and it's water, even if i'm off balance or falling away or to a side if I get decent elevation I can always find that balance at the top, true for almost all shots really, maybe not free throws
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