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Originally Posted by 2swift4u
I agree. I also think that calling fouls in some cases is important because some players do not even realize that they're constantly comitting fouls. So at times it's important to make them aware of the fact that they do something illegal. Same is true for travelling etc. Of course that only makes sense for players that play frequently. If I realize that somebody doesn't know much about basketball and doesn't play very often, then I let them get away with a travel or a foul. But if somebody acts like a serious baller then he should know when he does something wrong.

Traveling is a whole other issue. I guess it depends on who's rules your following though but a lot of the younger guys who play with us like to catch and take two steps into their shot which is technique a walk because your supposed to be picking it up on the first step. There are also guys who carry the ball by rotating their hand under the ball while dribbling but it's pretty common and makes me look like a chump if I call it. I have a few "street" moves that I like to do but they are always called because they are somewhat flashy
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