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Default Re: Knicks trying to acquire OJ Mayo to send to Denver in Melo Trade..

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Location seems to be Melo's big interest. NY area. He wants the extension. He's came out HIMSELF and said he's signing that extension. It's obvious with the risk of the CBA changing etc. If Denver says I'd rather you walk than trade with NY than Melo might cave.

Pretty sure his agent is pushing for NJ too now, no?. NJ is still a very strong option, stronger than ever IMO.

Tough luck. Should have rode the coatails of a player more interested in winning
I'm just saying, personally, I can't see Melo agreeing to NJ. the only reason his agent is pushing for NJ is cuz he told Melo he'd get him NY and he'd get the commission rate of Melo's extension (i.e. the more Melo gets, the more Rose gets).

Also you can't say NJ is like NY, that's like saying a player would go to the Clippers b/c they're in LA like the Lakers.
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