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Default Re: Knicks trying to acquire OJ Mayo to send to Denver in Melo Trade..

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
Any report on this statement. Maybe they see what I see and all the great OJ Mayo fans out there see. Maybe they will run plays for him? use him as a combo guard ? allow him to run an offense from time to time? run him in a pick and roll situation? Make him the feature, if not " the main guy" in their offense?

call me crazy, but if they like him better than those two, maybe just maybe that's what they are planning to do.

With that being said, I am not getting any hopes up. I got my hopes up with that last big trade rumor and nothing happened, so i'll just wait and see how this progresses in the next few days.

Pretty sure the ball would work better in Lawson's hands. But running with the rest of the Nuggets would be nice. He'd flourish.
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