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Default Re: Why LeBron is (maybe) the best player in the NBA

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
I didn't say Lebron had some great cast, but he didn't get them to the finals by himself, nobody does. While Mike Brown was a poor offensive coach, he was a big reason for their defensive success. The Cavs relied heavily on Lebron offensively, because they didn't have another guy who could be a go to guy consistently, then consider that Cavs players have missed a decent amount of games.

The way that Cleveland team was built, of course they're not going to be very good without Lebron, but they also lost a good amount of size with the departures of Shaq and Z which gives them yet another weakness.

But the team complemented Lebron well, they weren't a team you should expect him to win a title with, but not a team full of scrubs either and Lebron didn't do everything by himself. The team was great defensively due to them having a defensive-minded coach and players who played hard at that end, that's not there anymore either.

I never said I expected Lebron to win a title with that cast, I peronally thought he did everything he possibly could in the 2009 playoffs and played unbelievable that year, in fact, I've broken down why Cleveland lost to Orlando many times and I don't blame Lebron for that series.

But, you're also being disingenuous. Not showing at least some measure of scoring efficiency when his scoring/shooting efficiency by any measure was horrendous is deceptive. Also, he turned the ball over at such a prolific rate. Excluding that while excluding FG%, eFG% or TS%, whichever you prefer is misleading.

And no, excluding those is not the same as excluding garbage stats like win shares, PER or stats that become useless when a player is playing big minutes such as per 48 stats.

HURLBURT FIELD -- Amid the fallout in Cleveland after last season's playoff ouster, there was speculation that Mike Brown's firing as coach was linked to a strained relationship with LeBron James.
Now that both have moved on from the Cavaliers, James took time after practice Tuesday with the Heat to credit his former coach for preparing him to make a smooth transition from one defensive team to another.
After leading his unit to a dominant performance in the Heat's first practice of training camp, James said there are similarities in the approach and commitment to defense.
The Cavaliers and Heat ranked among the league leaders last season in several defensive categories, including fewest points allowed and defensive field-goal percentage.
``I've come from Cleveland under Mike Brown, who was an unbelievable defensive coach,'' James said. ``I'm going to try to implement some of the things I learned from him, and bring it here.''
During his process of getting to know James, coach Erik Spoelstra reached out to Brown. Spoelstra and Brown have been friends since they played for rival West Coast Conference college teams.
The Heat traditionally spends the first several days of training camp working exclusively on defense.

The team didn't run any offensive drills Tuesday. That was fine with James, who said it was only natural.
``Defensively, that's where I've always made my mark,'' James said. ``And that's where I'll continue to make my mark. I'm used to that.''

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