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Default Re: Why LeBron is (maybe) the best player in the NBA

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Why don't you include FG% and turnovers? Well, we all know why you didn't.

And nobody carries scrubs to the finals or gets to the finals by themselves, I hate when people say stupid shit like this. Lebron was on a top 4 defensive team, so right there, that's proof he had help, you do realize that there's more to the game than offense? And that's included when talking about casts. Cleveland was also an excellent rebounding team and he did have teammates step up when it mattered during that run, and Cleveland was often holding teams to such low scores that Lebron didn't need much help offensively to get to the finals.
I'm sorry for asking, but, what is the record of that great rebounding, defensive team this year without Lebron.
And please, don't bring up they have lost Big Z or Shaq with Lebron.
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