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Default Re: Why LeBron is (maybe) the best player in the NBA

Originally Posted by sh0wtime
Well you asked about how Lebron did individually and not how his team did. Afterall, this is a team game, especially in the playoffs. No matter what Lebron could have done, even average close to a 40 point triple double against Orlando Magic, he never had the required talent level of teammates, coach, franchise to dominate in the playoffs, to win a championship. Individuals win some games & awards, but teams win championships, even Michael Jordan proved that having video-game like productions in the playoffs as his team still was destroyed in the playoffs over and over and over and over until he was 28 years old and got the required help. But anyways:

22.0 ppg
7.0 rpg
6.8 apg
1.0 spg
0.5 bpg

Which is not that bad considering he was a 21 year old that took a team of scrubs all by himself to the Finals with that historic performance against the Pistons, they were not supposed to be there and Lebron learned the lesson 1st time, you cant win it alone against the best teams in a 7 game series, especially not against that championship team.

26.7 ppg
6.4 rpg
7.6 apg
2.1 spg
1.3 bpg

Which is very good, but somewhat worse by his standards as he is more of a 30-7-7 guy, especially as a one man army against what was back then the best team in the NBA that won the championship. Lesson was again learned that he cant win it alone with scrub teammates against the best team in the NBA, but hey, he has to play anyways right?

26.8 ppg
9.3 rpg
7.2 apg
2.2 spg
1.3 bpg

Which was very good aswell, but not the best by his standards. Once again in this series Lebron was preached the same lesson he was preached by superious teams in the playoffs for his entire career, that you cant win it alone, no matter how good you play, if you dont have the required amount of help to beat everybody. Take a look at what kindof "help" he really had in the standings today and now you can also imagine where that 2006 Finals team would have been without him, which were even worse than the Cavs of today.

Lebron had enough of this lesson every single year, he never did complain about his teammates, franchise, GM, threatening to leave or anything unlike someone else very famous today that plays for the Lakers. His franchise failed to bring required help needed for the goals he wanted, fired his headcoach, so either he was gona stay there and just be happy having great stats and be ringless for the rest of his career or take advantage of him becoming freeagent and go somewhere where the franchise really wants championships and does all the required moves to make that happen, it was a very easy choice.

Why don't you include FG% and turnovers? Well, we all know why you didn't.

And nobody carries scrubs to the finals or gets to the finals by themselves, I hate when people say stupid shit like this. Lebron was on a top 4 defensive team, so right there, that's proof he had help, you do realize that there's more to the game than offense? And that's included when talking about casts. Cleveland was also an excellent rebounding team and he did have teammates step up when it mattered during that run, and Cleveland was often holding teams to such low scores that Lebron didn't need much help offensively to get to the finals.
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