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Default Re: Why LeBron is (maybe) the best player in the NBA

Originally Posted by pegasus
Kobe did not quit. Instead, kept trying, which included shooting as many shots as he did, but he didn't quit. AND he grabbed all of those rebounds, and ultimately, they won.

Lebron QUIT. HUGE difference.

i disagree. lebron just played poorly in some of the games. he did not quit. if he had quit....he wouldn't have continued to play great defense in every game.

he clearly was struggling offensively, but he didn't jack up terrible shots and continued to shut down pierce. and he had 19 boards in game 6.

sorry. he just played poorly a couple of games offensively. it happens. people like you and other people on here keep trying to revise history and make it out to be the worst series ever. it wasn't.....
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